Alcohol Abuse: UMD Student Survey Results. Blog Article #8


Since last weeks post, I created and administered a brief survey about alcohol abuse for my fellow University of Maryland students to take. No one likes taking surveys. People, especially students with crazy schedules, usually don’t have the time to take a survey. To combat this problem, I made my survey very straightforward and simple. It consisted of only four yes or no questions. Because of its simplicity, I achieved a response rate of about 30%. This response rate is about 5% higher than what the average normally is for an email survey. In total, over 150 students completed the survey. This blog post will discuss the survey results and how they will help me finish up my research on the subject of alcohol abuse at UMD.


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Source: Click Here

Here’s a link to the survey I sent out to several UMD students. Feel free to take it if you have 30 seconds to spare. Actually, I bet you could do it in 15. Anyway, based on the survey, 63% of students agree that alcohol abuse is a problem on campus at UMD. Of those who agreed, 75% of them said that something needs to be done to resolve the problem. More specifically, they said “yes” to “do you think something needs to be done to help reduce the amount of alcohol abuse on campus?” Most of the students who didn’t think alcohol abuse was a problem clearly didn’t think the problem needs resolving. About 83% of students agreed that alcohol abuse decreases a student’s quality of life. Therefore, most students can agree that this is an important issue. It is extremely important to enjoy life to both the fullest extent and the highest quality possible – especially while you are young. Of course, as a college student, at least some drinking is normal and acceptable. It needs to done responsibly though so it does not cause more harm than good. The final survey question was phrased casually. It said “do you know someone who frequently ‘overdoes it’ when they drink?” This question was posed so I could get a sense of just how many students are acquainted with someone who may be having problems with alcohol abuse. About 60% of students said yes to this question. Note that the question used the word “frequently.” A lot of students have gone past their limits once. Alcohol abuse is when students do that several re-occurring times.


Based on the student survey I sent out, alcohol abuse is most certainly a problem at the University of Maryland. Many students on campus recognize the problem exists and that something needs to be done about it. A lot of students know someone who may be dealing with alcohol abuse. The problem is widespread. Based on my findings, I will form some interview questions to get more in-depth feedback from a UMD student about the issue. This will be addressed in next week’s blog post.

Big thanks to everyone who took my survey! Feel free to hit me up with any comments or questions that you have.

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