What Has UMD Done to Decrease Alcohol Abuse Among Students? Blog Article #7


As pointed out in my first blog post, college students have a track record of overdoing it with alcohol. Things are no different at the University of Maryland. Fortunately, campus authorities have already taken several steps to alleviate the problem. In this post, I’m going to tell you about some of the solutions that have been implemented to help prevent and resolve alcohol abuse on campus.


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Source: Click Here

If you started at UMD as a freshman, you may remember this alcohol education program. called AlcoholEdu, that you had to complete during your first semester at the university. As a transfer student, I didn’t know about this until stumbling upon it as part of my research. Upon looking into the program, I expected it to be cheesy and preachy. Surprisingly, it is just the opposite. The online program tailors itself to each individual student based on things like drinking behaviors and level of awareness. The way the course is laid out changes based on how risky of a drinker you are. The learning interface is really good and not overly dull. The program is split into two parts so that you get reminded about what you learned as events like Homecoming and Halloween parties roll around. Overall, this program has both increased students knowledge and awareness about alcohol while also acting as a way to gather data to initiate and substantiate further research. Clearly though, educating incoming freshman about drinking has not fully resolved the alcohol abuse problem on campus.


The University Health Center has this page, and others like it, available for students dealing with substance abuse. This source helps you determine if you, or someone you know, has problems with alcohol and what steps you can take to remediate the problem. Further links within this website make it easy to find out more if you need to. This was easy enough to find via a google search so it is definitely accessible to students. The University Health Center also has program called UMD weekends. You can sign up to get weekly emails about alcohol-free weekend events at UMD.

Breaking the Law

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Though I understand that its a bit of a legal formality, this UMD web page about the campus Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy is almost humorous. To quote one of the policies listed, “this policy prohibits the possession or use of alcohol by any student under the age of 21 or furnishing of alcohol to a person known to be under the age of 21.” I honestly laughed a little inside when I saw that. As a student at UMD, I know that this policy, among many others like it, is violated on a daily basis. Enforcing strict laws like this is difficult though. Therefore, either the policy itself or the implementation of it needs changing.


Educating students about drinking is only one solution to decreasing alcohol abuse at UMD. There is more that can be done. Fortunately for now, help is available for students who know, or at least think, that they have a problem. Though brute law enforcement certainly isn’t the answer, the policy on alcohol use at UMD is almost pointless as it is violated nearly 24/7 by students all over campus. What do you think? Would creating a new, better-enforceable policy be a solution to the problem?

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